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    CBSE Handbook for Principals, Handbook on 21st Century Skills and Handbook on Cyber Safety

    CBSE has recently released three handbooks as follows:

    Handbook for Principals:After getting affiliated to CBSE, it is the Principal of a school who takes lead in all matters pertaining to his/her school. Principals who are new to CBSE are sure to have several queries about the system. This Handbook unravels the day-to-day areas of work and answers many queries related to the professional lives of CBSE School Principals.
    Click here for the handbook

    21st Century Skills: A Handbook:Empowering our students with these skills is another challenging task, which the Board is committed to accomplish. While the Board has already adopted and initiated several innovative policies and practices to empower our students with the 21st century skills, it is
    required that all CBSE stakeholders should not only have a clear understanding of them, but also collectively collaborate towards attaining the 21st century skills in each learner. The present Handbook on 21st Century Skills has been prepared with the same aim.
    Click here for the handbook

    Handbook on Cyber Safety for Secondary and Senior Secondary Students: This handbook aims to comprehensively cover all aspects of digital literacy and safety. It engages them in learning about responsible online behaviour, their rights, freedoms and responsibilities along with basic awareness about personal security and safety. This manual also contains quick tips for students for online safety.
    Click here for the handbook

    SelfLearning Material (SLM)  has been prepared by the Board and uploaded on the website.

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