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    This Monsoon, it's Raining Books in KV Kanjikode!

    The Book Donation Drive which started on 15 June 2017 is getting a tremendous response from everyone. The programme will continue till the end of the month. It is being organised in connection with the Reading Week celebrations. The programme to strengthen the library collection was taken by everyone with enthusiasm and the response was above expectations. 

    Thank you all the staff, students and parents for your support...

    Here are some photographs from the previous days...

    Books from Class X C
    Books from Class X D
    Class X B
    Class X A
    X D
    Amal and Adithya, Class VII


    1. Replies
      1. Thank you. Credit goes to our teachers and the students

    2. Congrats mujib...regret I am not there.. get a new building for library while u r at it...where else to stock the books...

      1. Thank you madam.
        No problem of stocking the books as they will be issued out once I take them into stock. Only in summer vacation we may have to think about storage space.