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    Vidyalaya bade adieu to Dr. S Nalayini, Principal

    Vidyalaya bade adieu to our beloved Principal Dr. S Nalayini on 31.08.2016.
    Dr. S. Nalayini , Principal, KV Kanjikode , who has been transferred to KV No. 1 Naval Base Kochi, was given a befitting farewell in the Morning Assembly by the Secondary Section students on 31-08-2016. The School Captain (Girls) Ms. Nithya NV presented the bouquet and the Boys’ School Captain, Mas. Nirupam gave a touching speech, highlighting the changes that Madam had brought in the school during her tenure. He began with the day she joined the Vidyalaya , narrating the success saga of KV Kanjikode from 2011-2016. Ms. VP Suma, TGT ( English) spoke on behalf of the members of staff, pointing out the niches that KV Kanjikode has carved for itself at various levels, during the last five years.

    In her farewell speech, Dr. S. Nalayini, thanked the staff and students for all the co-operation extended to her and also cautioned them about maintaining the standard of the Vidyalaya, which is at the zenith of success at present. Madam wished the children the very best for their future endeavours , especially the students of classes X and XII. After the assembly the students crowded around their dear Principal, seeking her blessings. Madam then visited all the classes to say GOOD BYE to the students. She also planted a sapling in the New Block, as a part of the initiative of the Seed Club. 

    An official Staff Meeting was convened at 2.00 pm, where Madam addressed the Staff members and listed out the points for discussion. Later Ms. Rugmini Menon , TGT (English) read out a poem dedicated to the outgoing Principal, on behalf of the members of staff.

                                                                                          -RUGMINI MENON, TGT (ENGLISH)
    As a wisp of fresh air, she entered the portals,
    Spreading her fragrance among us mortals,
    For five years she held us in her sway,
    Leading and directing us along the right way.

    The 1825+ days that we spent together,
    Can never be substituted with another,
    Through thick and thin we held close to each other,
    We savoured all, both sweet and bitter.

    Your magic wand has transformed the school to new from old,
    Many a step you’ve taken have been strong and bold,
    All that you did was done keeping the school in mind,
    Nowhere else can we find another of your kind.

    The vision you had envisaged, you did achieve,
    It was not a child’s play, as one can perceive,
    Diligence, dedication and planning did the trick,
    Raising the edifice higher, brick by brick.

    Madam, it’s sure that we are going to miss you,
    It’s an earnest cry from a heart that is sincere and true,
    But then, our loss is yet another’s gain,

    We bid adieu with a heavy heart, till we meet again. 

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